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Cycle 1 opens up with 14 aspiring models moving into the Top Model House, all competing to be the last model standing in what looks like a promising season of fierce competition.

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Contestant Gender(Avatar) Final Episode Finish
flava Male Episode 12 1st Place Winner
Emmers Female Episode 12 2nd Place Runner Up
Ty(Logan) Male Episode 11 3rd Place
wwxcrunner1 Male Episode 10 4th Place
Meow Female Episode 9 5th Place
Electra Female

Episode 1 -Episode 8

6th Place
BIGBROFOSHO Male Episode 7 7th Place
Sabrina Female Episode 6 8th Place
Lea Female Episode 5 9th Place
Pegasus Male Episode 4 10th Place
Qwerky99 Female Episode 3 11th Place
Jared242 Male Episode 2 12th Place

                                                      Game Progress

Ep # Episode Title Photoshoot Theme Best Photo Model Faceoff Winner Eliminated


"The Twins of Plainfield" Good VS Evil Meow

'Electra & 'Lea

Lea Electra
2 "Feeling Blue" Rock Concert BIGBRO

'flava & 'Jared

flava Jared
3 "Clash of the Golden Survivors" Survivor Look-a-Likes Meow

'Qwerky & 'Sabrina

Sabrina Qwerky
4 "Color Me Gone" Color Fuzion Meow

'Pegasus & 'wwxc

wwxc Pegasus
5 "Quitters & Old Faces" Abandoned Wedding Meow

'Emmers & 'wwxc

Lea Quit
6 "The Big Eight" Big Brother Meow Sabrina DQ'ed
7 "Go Sees & Goodbyes" Fresh Look flava BIGBRO Quit
8 "The Goodbye Girl" Fire & Water Emmers

'Ty & 'Electra

Ty Electra
9 "The Queen Purrs No More" Vogue Cover Shoot flava Meow DQ'ed
10 "Changing of the Seasons" Battle of the Seasons Emmers wwxc DQ'ed
11 "Band of Models" Battle of the Bands flava Ty
12 "Se7en Deadly Sins" 7 Deadly Sins 1st Place- flava 2nd Place- Emmers

                                                     Call Out Order

                                                          Ep #
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Larkin Liza
Liza Kazia
Kazia Amber
Ray Brittany
Augustine Brooke
Olivia Larkin
Paige Paige
Amber Augustine
Brittany Olivia
Brooke Ray
Bella Bella
Kylie Kylie

Current Memory Wall


Model # of Items
Valerie 2
Kazia 6
Bella 4
Olivia 5
Kylie 4
Brittany 5
Augustine 6
Amber 4
Paige 4
Ray 3
Liza 6
Larkin 4
Angel 1
Brooke 4